Wednesday, March 26, 2008


On April 18, 1975, Ray Smithers, a host on a Florida radio station called WFTL did a call-in show about the Bermuda Triangle. All the phone lines instantly lit up and Smithers had to click through several voiceless connections before he came to one with a caller. The man on the other end of the line said the following and hung up:

"There is one of you on the program who will understand what I am going to say. In [sic] every living thing on this planet has an aura. The area that you are discussing now is the aura of this planet. It is the communicative channel through which the millionth council governs this planet. Anyone going into the area when the communicative channel opens - they will not disappear, but they are in the timeless void. They are all perfectly alive and well. It is the only area through which the council can communicate with this planet."

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Samuel Poe said...

Though nearly everyone finds the info goofy, just knowing that the big bad world is not being controlled by present day earthlings, is even goofier. So there is a millionth council that governs the big bad world. No wonder the big bad world is not going to ever become a good place. I have always sensed that this world will never be a good place. However, i didn't realize we can't make this world a good place, even if we wanted to. Future earthlings (some will claim aliens which could be correct but i doubt it) rule this horrible world.

Jonathan Farr said...

I'd honestly go with Peter Byrne on this. If you listen to his voice on any of his Bigfoot specials (also produced by Landis), the voice is spot on.

Me said...
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Me said...
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