Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a large football, or a small basketball

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bimini Road, what's buried under it?

As we all know, the Bermuda Triangle is an area of water off of the South East corner of Florida with approximate points in Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida. With the lowest amount of paranormal activity in the "Bermuda tip". Quite possibly the reason why the powers that be in the United States government (the powers that won't be mentioned currently) through out the ages have seen fit to fight so much harder for the more southern sections (Spanish American War).

The Millionth Council regulates all interstellar communication from this planet creating much of the triangle's mysterious phenomena. But where exactly does the signal emanate from? I don't think it is to huge a leap to point the finger at Bimini Road (Video EVIDENCE HERE)
may not JUST be a road to Atlantis (As Edgar Cayce CORRECTLY FORESAW) but is one (of as we can best figure 5) buried communicative centers of the Millionth Council (an alternating signal, with a randomly selected origin for difficulty of pinning with ease - no easy task, or cheap task when you're surrounded by thousands of miles of ocean).

From wikipedia (which deletes references to the Millionth Council but not Bimini (?!)):
Sci-Fi’s “Quest for Atlantis: Startling New Secrets” (aired July 2006) followed several different groups researching possible locations for the legendary Atlantis, one of which focused on the Bimini Road. Dr. Greg Little, an amateur archaeologist, led one team of researchers on a dive to recover what he believes are Atlantean-era objects at the famed 'Bimini Road' off the coast of Bimini Island. Little and his team made a discovery: an entire second layer of square-cut rocks with similar dimensions beneath the stones of the Bimini Road.[7] Greg Little believes that his discovery suggests the Bimini Road may actually be part of an entire wall or water dock of some sort.

As this new research suggests, it is possible that the bimini "road" is actually an intricate wall used to bury the technologies of Atlantis. This blog will keep its readers updated on any findings of The Signal - decoded or not.


On April 18, 1975, Ray Smithers, a host on a Florida radio station called WFTL did a call-in show about the Bermuda Triangle. All the phone lines instantly lit up and Smithers had to click through several voiceless connections before he came to one with a caller. The man on the other end of the line said the following and hung up:

"There is one of you on the program who will understand what I am going to say. In [sic] every living thing on this planet has an aura. The area that you are discussing now is the aura of this planet. It is the communicative channel through which the millionth council governs this planet. Anyone going into the area when the communicative channel opens - they will not disappear, but they are in the timeless void. They are all perfectly alive and well. It is the only area through which the council can communicate with this planet."

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